Wilfred Poppinga

Life Science Professional

I am a confident, independent, critical thinker, not afraid to think outside of the box and have a good sense of humor. My strength lies in complex problem-solving and using my creativity and cognitive flexibility to handle all situations. I have experience in presenting at (inter)national meetings and enjoy public speaking. In addition, I have experience in writing research projects, small grant proposals and I have written and reviewed papers for international peer-reviewed journals. In the future, I see myself working to move towards a world where we can all experience good health throughout life.


Summary of Professional Skills

  • Identifying potential targets pathways in various diseases based on literature research.
  • Developing and validating biochemical and immunological methods for the analysis of (pre-)clinical samples.
  • Collaborating with pharmaceutical companies as a consultant and manager of projects.
  • Presenting my work at meetings, including (invited) oral and poster presentations.
  • (Co-)authoring and reviewing scientific papers and meeting abstracts
  • Developing and maintaining mentor relationships with (graduate) students and supervising and coordinating student projects.
  • Communicating with regulatory affairs for animal research and obtaining GMO licenses.
  • Coordinating and giving workshops and seminars.
  • Maintaining a professional online presence on social media for myself and my organizations.

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